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Strategy and Vision are no longer enough. Your board needs a heightened level of intelligence to scale up. This is your opportunity to take your board to a whole new level.

The 4 Core Pillars for Board Effectiveness


SPOD stands for Specific Point Of Destination.  Your Board must be focused on aligning your SPOD which will ultimately help you develop your vision and mission. Collective Intentions is the beginning of accountability.

Risk Parameters

Setting the right and adequate thresholds will help boards free their time. Boards must ensure that sustainability can only be achieved with core integration of the Pillars. 

Setting the Stage

3 key aspects are normally missing in many companies: Clarity in Communication, Sound Execution and Right Feedback Mechanisms. This is where traction at the top makes an impact to the effectiveness of the decision making.

Focusing on 50,000 Feet

Ensuring that discussions are at macro level is imperative. We witness many board meetings wasting unnecessary time on management related issues rather than focusing on core strategies and long term linkages.